Next Generation 5 Axis CNC Takes Haldane UK to New Level

Haldane UK is celebrating its 70th anniversary in style with an investment of almost £500,000 in the commissioning of its 4th CNC machine in a move which will transform the timber machining industry again.

Haldane pioneered the use of timber 5 axis CNC machining in the UK when it invested in its first CNC in 1996. The investment heralded a revolution in the timber industry and saw the company being awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise.

However the latest investment will see Haldane’s capacity and capability transformed with a 5 axis CNC machine which occupies over 60 square metres in floor space and a machining table which is almost twice the size of the company’s current capacity.

However, the most exciting feature of the new machine is the development of Haldane UK’s innovative 3DAT Technology which breaks new ground in the CNC machining world as well as the timber machining sector.

The 3DAT Technology transforms the handling of the raw material during the manufacturing process, enabling true 3 dimensional machining to be carried out.  This delivers significant benefits in terms of speed, accuracy and precision – even on the most intricate of components.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, said “When our first CNC machine was delivered in 1996 it was like receiving the keys to the space shuttle. It took us about 2 years to truly understand its capabilities and since then we have been continually pushing the boundaries of each machine – way beyond what they were originally designed to do.”

He continued, “However our latest investment is completely different. We have played a key role in the design and specification process, bringing over 20 years’ experience in CNC machining, to develop our 3DAT Technology which overcomes the weaknesses and limitations of standard 5 axis CNC machines.”

As well as the 3DAT Technology, the machine features two machining tables which can work independently or be bolted together to accommodate large components or lengths.

The machine is also designed to allow an operator to be setting up one job on a table whilst another job is being performed on the other table.

Forrester concluded, “What better way to celebrate our 70th anniversary in business than with a major investment in innovative technology which reinforces our position as the UK’s market leader for luxury timber handrails.”

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