Installing Our Timber Handrails

Ultimately, the quality of a handrail is judged by the smoothness of the joints, the seamless continuous flow of each component from top to bottom.

This demands 3 core elements which have to be in place for a complete quality handrail installation:

  • Highly detailed survey process
  • Superior timber machining 
  • Expert installation

So whilst others claim to have developed simple, fool-proofed jointing systems, we recommend that luxury handrails should only ever be installed by craftsmen.

That is why we have invested heavily in the quality our installation teams who are passionate about the quality of their work and ensure that every contract is finished to the very high standards that our customers have come to expect.

As well as having our inhouse installation teams which work across the UK, we also supply many of the leading architectural joinery firms with our luxury handrail components.

For more information on our installation service contact our sales team.

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