DDA Compliant Handrail for Primary School

DDA Compliant Handrail
DDA Handrail
DDA Handrail Compliant
DDA Compliant Handrail
DDA Compliant Timber Handrail

Haldane UK has demonstrated their full experience of continuous handrails by completing the full manufacture, supply and install of this DDA compliant timber handrail for a new primary school in Scotland.

The project saw Haldane manufactured over 170 linear metres of FSC European Oak handrail with a 50mm x 40mm easy grip elliptical profile which had been double bevelled to the underside rebate to further minimise the risk of injury. 

Haldane worked closely with the metalwork contractor on site to ensure the handrail met the guidelines laid out under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and agreed a number of minor alterations to the original design to deliver a safer environment for primary school children.

Under the DDA guidelines, the handrail must extend 300mm beyond the top tread and return into the wall, continue round the landing to assist the visually impaired and the clearance of the handrail to the wall surface be between 60mm and 75mm. 

Haldane UK’s experienced installation team ensured the handrails were installed to their meticulous standards, fitting the handrails to the structural glass panels in the atrium area, metalwork to the stair well and wall brackets to the wall rails.

Whilst the handrails were mitred to achieve the continuous flow, Haldane’s team used their expertise to round off the corners and enhance the aesthetics and flow of the handrail.

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