Bespoke Handrail for Sheffield Department Store

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Bespoke Timber Handrail Profile
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Timber Handrail Sheffield

Haldane UK has completed the contract to manufacture and install a bespoke timber handrail for a 17,000 square feet boutique department store in Sheffield after completing the staircase for the owner’s home several years previous.

The handrail measured 75 x 45mm was manufactured from American White Oak and was designed specifically for to create “the wow factor” in the main entrance of the contemporary store.

Haldane had previously worked on the property developer’s luxury home where they installed a sweeping feature staircase and the gentleman was looking to create the same impact in the high-end store.

The continuous handrail features a wreathed volute and sweeps up the staircase perfectly on the metal balustrade and returns onto the main atrium area.

The handrail also included a number of 90 degree bends, ramps and transitions.

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