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Most hardwoods can be used for external timber handrail if they are protected with the right oils, stains and varnishes, however we normally recommend Iroko or Accoya as the timber of choice.

Best Timber for External Handrail

We have found the most suitable timbers for external handrail to be Iroko due to its natural oils whilst Cedar's stability makes it a good selection. 

Accoya® has grown in popularity in recent years due to its amazing ability to withstand the weather conditions. 

Opepe and Ipe are also potential options, however they are more exotic timbers which may prove to be a little more expensive and difficult to source.


Haldane has manufactured and installed external timber handrail for a residential property on London’s City Island development.

The prestigious riverside development hopes to create a mini-Manhattan style cityscape with views overlooking Canary Wharf and London’s iconic skyline.

The 90 x 65mm handrail section is manufactured from Prime FSC® European Oak and rebated to encompass the steel structure and finished with an Omnia Clear top coat to provide the necessary protection from the UK weather. 

For those looking for a handrail a little more stylish than the standard treated timber you find on external decking, Haldane UK's expertise in external timber handrail enables us to advise on a range of issues which may impact your project from the type of timber selected to the coatings and finishings.

Whilst most timbers can be used externally with the right maintenance and coatings, Iroko remains the most commonly used external timber, however we are seeing a growing number of projects incorporating Accoya timber, however all will require a regular maintenance programme to prevent the timber from being damaged.

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