Bespoke Handrail for Staircase Refurbishment

Bespoke Handrail
Bespoke Handrail for Staircase
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Bespoke Profile Handrail

Haldane UK has manufactured and installed this bespoke handrail for a staircase refurbishment in a luxury London property.

Manufactured from FSCĀ® accredited European Oak, Haldane created the bespoke 50 x 58mm profile which was designed to sit on a metal core rail.

To ensure a perfect fit and reduce installation times, Haldane carried out a full 3D digital survey of the core rail to provide an exact profile of the metal balustrade, including any slight twists or issues that otherwise would not be picked up.

Haldane worked closely with the architectural metalworker to achieve the perfect finish using its expertise to manufacture a range of handrail components including ramps, 90 degree bends and open cap ends.

The staircase design featured a number of complex components including two 180 degree raking to raking wreaths and a unique S-Bend which fits flawlessly into the handrail.

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