Timber Handrail Company

Haldane has firmly established itself as the UK's leading Timber Handrail Company with unrivalled experience and knowledge, the most advanced CNC timber machining technology and more CNC machines than any other timber handrail company.

Our continued investment in every aspect of our business, from state of the art handheld laser scanning technology to advanced automated CNC technology to our growing team of inhouse timber handrail installers and french polishing of handrails, ensures we remain at the forefront of the handrail solutions sector 

Haldane originally began its life in 1945 as a specialist wood machining company focused on supplying basic woodturnings, furniture components, mouldings, spinning wheels and up until 1991 its key industry targets were the whisky, furniture and wool industries - all low margin, high turnover and declining markets.

However the bold management decision to pioneer CNC timber handrail, with its first substantial investment in two pieces of machinery worth over £1/2 million. This requireda completely different management approach whilst retaining the company's core values of quality, value and customer service.

Haldane’s substantial capital expenditure in state of the art 5-axis CNC machinery means that it has the capability to manufacture handrails in whatever shape, profile, length or angle specified. 

In order to ensure that they achieved ROI and increased profit margins, Haldane pinpointed interior designers and architects as its key market influencers.  Haldane’s key messages and marketing approach had to change as Haldane began targeting this market.

Haldane’s change of marketing focus has altered the company's perception and participation in the market in which it operates.  It has aided Haldane in winning many lucrative contracts that include Windsor Castle, Eurodisney, The British Embassy in Moscow and a number of presitigious shopping centers around the UK such as the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent and The Overgate Centre in Dundee.

Haldane is now the UK's market leading Handrail Company. Its contemporary staircases, timber handrails, stair components and glazing beads are widely respected in the industry for their unrivalled quality and accuracy.

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