Double Elliptical Glazing Beads

Double Elliptical Glazing Beads
Bespoke Double Elliptical Glazing Beads
Bespoke Elliptical Glazing Beads

Haldane UK has demonstrated its expertise in bespoke glazing beads by manufacturing one of the most complicated and delicate projects that it has ever undertaken on behalf of a specialist door company.

The design of these stunning glazing beads saw two overlapping elliptical beads, which would be challenging in itself, however with one of the elliptical fully glazed and the other bead overlaying the door, Haldane’s reputation for quality and precision was put to the test.

The key factor was the second elliptical which overlays the door panel and is just 10mm thick. This proved to be fairly complex to machine, however the design meant that had to be handled with the utmost care during the sanding and polishing process to avoid any damage or breakages.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam explained, “Whilst the largest area of our glazing bead business is the standard circles, straights, ladders and D Beads, we love getting our teeth into these types of projects.”

He continued, “We have an extensive portfolio of bespoke glazing beads from cloud shapes to letters, however this project has presented a new set of challenges and I am delighted to see our team simply taking them in their stride.”